Bit late with this one, knee deep in events at the moment!  This, in all honesty was probably one of the best events I’ve ever had the pleasure of covering.  A couple of weeks before their wedding party, Jade and Matthew got married in France and this party was a massive celebration for all their family and friends who were unable to attend.  The party was at the beautiful venue of The Mere in Cheshire and I love the place, having covered a number of events there.

Guests arrived to a glass of champagne and were ushered into what can only be described as a room of flowers.   As I’m a man, I probably shouldn’t say this, but, they were beautiful.  After an hour or so mingling, a set of double doors opened and the best party room you've ever seen was unveiled to the guests.  There was a swing band that were immense, girls dancing inside 8 foot champagne glasses and much more.  The theme was the Great Gatsby and put simply, they’d absolutely nailed it.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here’s some of the images from the evening.