A few months ago, I got an enquiry to cover a joint 30th birthday party for a couple who were both turning thirty.  However, there was a curve ball.  During this '30th Party', the couple were in fact getting married at the party, which only them, their best friends and me knew about!  So, the hundred and odd guests who turned up at half seven had no idea they were in fact going to a wedding!  

They wanted the wedding to just be 'part of the party'.  I thought this was an absolute belter of an idea, as being a man right in the throws of planning my own wedding (or, if truth be told, watching my better half plan it), the stresses and strains of it all can sometimes be too much, or so I'm told.  So, all hail the newly wed Lauren and Mike, a lovely couple and the world's best covert wedding planners.  It was an absolute pleasure to cover your party/wedding and I wish you all the best in your future together.